More Lily Art and Some Honest Feedback

Currently working on the 3rd episode of Heritage but always thinking about Wayfarers whenever I have time. Here's another bit of concept art for Lily that I had catnoodlees do for me a while back.

Although I originally liked the idea of Lily having a scarf, I decided that in future versions, she'll no longer have one. 

In other news, I had a great opportunity for a narrative designer to look at my Wayfarers demo. He completely tore it apart. Some would think "wow that's not very nice" but I actually really appreciate how critical and honest he was about all of it. His feedback is probably what game developers I've applied for were probably thinking when they saw my demo. So all the flaws he pointed out gives me a great roadmap on the things I need to study and improve on once I get back to Wayfarers. 

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