Non-Wayfarers Sidequest: Episode 1 of Heritage is Live

As mentioned in my previous post, I put aside Wayfarers to work on another project. I didn't go into detail about the project since I wasn't sure about what I could and couldn't say in regards to NDA. However, some recent events have made it pretty clear that I can talk about it now. 

A couple of months ago, the interactive fiction developer, Tales Writer, accepted my pitch that is based one of my short stories. The F2P Tales app acts as a library for interactive fictions of different genres. For those that aren't familiar with what interactive fiction is, it is a choose your own adventure (CYOA) type of game. Most stories are episodic and can have branching paths. Think Telltale Games like The Walking Dead and the Wolf Among Us but on a significantly smaller scale. 

I am almost halfway through the story but much to my pleasant surprise, my first episode was recently released onto the live build. That means anyone with an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) can download the app and check out the game I wrote. They are still working on the Android version of the game.

This is really exciting to see my work published. If you have an iOS device and would like to check out the first episode, click here to download the app. Once the app is installed and you go through the tutorial, you can find my story "Heritage" in the Adventure and Fantasy sections. Or you can just search for "Heritage"

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