Announcement: New Plate / New Priority

Whenever I think about the priorities in my life, I imagine them as plates I need to spin on a stick. 

As driven as I like to believe I am, I try not to overwhelm myself with too many plates. That being said, a new plate has entered the arena.

A couple weeks ago, a story pitch I submitted for an interactive fiction (IF) mobile game got accepted. As a person pursuing a career in writing and narrative design, this is a great opportunity for me. But this also means I have to make the difficult decision of not working on Wayfarers until the story is finished. Their standard deadline to complete a story can take around a few months but given my experience in the game industry, the timeline can vary. Here's hoping though.

Aside from this being very beneficial for my career, this interruption feels serendipitous. Although writing the dialogue and putting together cutscenes are what I enjoy the most in game development, I was getting more and more stressed out with it. Most likely because I have such high expectations of myself to do well in those fields. This perfectionism anxiety mixed with imposter syndrome started to turn my enthusiasm to work on Wayfarers into apprehension. I'm hoping this time on a different project will not only give me a break from Wayfarers but also will help me grow as a writer and build a stronger resolve in dealing with these demons of doubt.

The story of Wayfarers is something that is always somewhere in the back of my mind; from thinking of silly one liners to major events. I want nothing more than to extract it from my head in any way so the world can see this fantastic world I've created and cultivated. So I don't want anyone to think there's any chance of Wayfarers getting shelved and then eventually getting forgotten. Instead, I want everyone to see my little break away from Wayfarers as a sidequest that I'm doing in order to gain some XP in order to be a better story teller and developer for the main quest.

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hope you the best for this new story

as for Wayfarers, you can take your time as breaks, no need to make something you love stressful

We will be waiting patiently to see what you come up in the future :)


Thanks for the kind words! I do think this break has given me time to look at Wayfarers at a different angle and also enjoy the world/character building much more in the meantime.



Life happens, and sometimes we have to readjust our priorities.
I'm currently doing something similar, so I'm speaking from experience as well!

Best of luck to you on your new endeavour!
Here's hoping that you get back to Wayfarers even better than before the hiatus.