Forgive my usage of the ellipsis but it best sums up how I'm currently feeling. As seen from my previous posts, I was spending a lot of time talking to pixel artists and map makers to add some visual improvements to Wayfarers. I eventually reached a realization that I was spending a lot more time on things that can wait til closer to the end of the development of this game, like the GUI and battle sprites, when I should be spending more time actually finishing the rest of the game. So I shifted gears for the past few weeks working on cutscenes, events, and dialogue. I wish I could show some of the work I've been doing but I feel it can ruin the potential journey of the game. Which is like the meat and potatoes of Wayfarers. So yeah. Pretty much just a lot of writing.  I'll probably be doing more of the same for the next couple weeks as well. I guess I can say one of the branching paths I made will influence which character you take with you to at a certain quest which I plan influence other parts of the game later on. 

In non-Wayfarers related news. I was also given an opportunity to submit a pitch to a developer so I exercised my writing muscles even more on that. Fingers crossed.

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