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I've said this on so many platforms, I can't remember if I've expressed how little I enjoy map making in RPG Maker. I do what I can to at least make passable maps in Wayfarers but always end up with what seems like glaring issues to veteran map makers. Feedback, of course, is greatly appreciated but I also realized that experienced map makers can make maps 10 times better than mine at only a fraction of the time it takes me. Rather than bog down my productivity with having to reluctantly learn decent map making, I've decided to reach out to some well versed RPG Maker cartographers. I'm going to show you two different maps and I'm going to let you guess which one is mine (which took me almost a week to make) and which one is verseuchtes_licht's (which took them just a few hours).

While continuing to work on cutscenes and dialogue, I'm still looking into finding a good fit for my sideview battlers. My biggest challenge is making sure the custom made sprites fit well with the default assets. Here is another version of Perry, made by MaxCreed

What do you think of this version of Perry? I especially like the shading. Of course the best way to see if they fit in the scene is to actually put the sprites in the scene. So here is what two of the custom made sprites I've had made so far look like in the game:

The third one is a sprite in the screenshot is NOT one I plan on using. It's one of the free assets Vibrato has available on their site. I just put it in there to compare size and details with the other sprites.

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I love the SV battlers sprites :0 but i do have to say that they indeed don't fit that much into the default assets, tho it isn't that far away and can be adapted to the RM style without completely ditching the sprite, maybe making it shorter and have more resolution could be the answer, but I am no pixel artist to give advice ;-;

still, hope ya the best

Yeah the custom sprites don't quite fit with the default assets. Something I'll have to research more. Still keeping an eye out for a potential long term pixel artist to work with.