Getting Over a Slump, Adding Daphne "Transformation", and a Little Something Extra

So funny, personal stuff to talk about. If you want primarily game development stuff, go ahead and skip this paragraph. For the past couple weeks, I was feeling pretty mentally worn out. Whenever I get excited or eager to do something, I have a tendency to go 110% right out of the gate in hopes of maximizing productivity. I shifted my daily routine around and even put some things aside to make more time for Wayfarers. It probably wouldn't surprise anyone that I soon got burnt out form working on it and hit a slump. I then started to sink into the quicksand of self-doubt that I'm sure a lot of solo developers end up in at certain (probably multiple) times in a project. I then started to compare my game to others that were also made with the RPG Maker engine and ended up only seeing all the things Wayfarers didn't have. It doesn't have this like X game. It doesn't have that like Y game. Thankfully, with the help of some friends that reassured and encouraged me, I was able to step out of that doubt. There are still a lot of core things I want to improve on for Wayfarers, but I need to remind myself not to wear too many hats at the same time. 

Okay now for some game dev stuff! More story stuff! No surprise there. As suggested by Blazej, I started using to make flowchart of major events in the game. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of events, choices, and outcomes that will affect the story later on. Here's a little snippet of a section I recently finished.

I'm also still working on certain functions and mechanics I want to include in the battle system. This one I made is of Daphne "transforming" when I put her in a certain state. Here's a video of it:

The transformation is really just changing one battler sprite sheet to another. The easiest way for me to test this was to just make a Daphne battler sprite with red hair to prove whether or not the scripting I copy/pasted and adjusted worked. But I really want to switch to a battler sprite that has a different idle animation. If you happen to be someone that does battler sprites, or know someone to recommend, please send me a link of your/their work. Next I want to work on some Archie related attacks/skills.

Speaking of Archie, the "best boi" according to someone on reddit, I have a little something to show everyone:

I commissioned capochiino to make pictures of some of the characters. Nothing is set in stone for Archie's outfit so I let them interpret what kind of outfit they can see Archie wearing. I think it turned out really well.

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Hey man!

I'm glad that tip helped you. I use a lot myself, so I was really speaking from personal experience there!
Good to see you got some progress as well... way to go! I've done something similar to a (very) short game that had Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2 and shooting a Kamehameha. It's a pretty awesome feature to have, although I wasn't able to implement it in my own main project.

I'm currently trying to cure myself from something I just found a name to, which is the world builder's disease.
A nasty disease indeed, and something that I've always been aflicted with... although never fully aware of it until recently. Beware not to fall to it as well!

In any case, best of luck to you and hopefully you'll have more updates for us soon (I'm dying for more of your story!) No pressure though! Hahahahah



Hmmm I think I have something like that but with characters. There was a time I stopped writing the story because I wanted to figure out how I wanted every character to develop throughout the entire series. Reading about this world builder's disease, maybe that means I should ease off the "perfect" character development and move forward with the story.

Haha thanks! Hopefully I'll have more updates that reveals more of the world and story (without the risk of spoiling anything) in the near future.

Yes, my problem is pretty much the same, but with something specific that I tend to focus on: family trees and relationships. It's a wonder to me and I always end up wasting a lot of time with it. lol

By the way, MZ came out and it looks pretty awesome. You should check it out (there's a 14 days trial for free).



Hey do you use discord or anything like that? Got some questions I'd like to ask you.

Hey bro. Sorry I was away from the internet for a while.

I have Discord but I don't use it much. If you feel comfortable enough, we can chat on whatsapp or email.
Send me an email at:

We set up a way to talk there. Cheers!