Pixel Proof of Concept: Perry

Being the main protagonist of Wayfarers, it's not surprise Perry went through a slew of changes from his original design; for both his appearance and personality. When I first started making the demo for Wayfarers, I was really excited to use the character generator to make Perry. Although the character I like the sprite and face I ended up making for Perry, I still wondered how he would look beyond the assets provided for me in the generator. When I recently saw Turtleye have open commissions for pixel sprites, I thought this would be a good opportunity to flesh out the appearance of Perry (and some of the other main characters while I was at it).

I want to make it clear  that I am very impressed with all the sprites that Turtleye made. But when I first saw Perry, I had a kind of eureka moment. The color tones, the belt/sash, and (most importantly) the staff; it's like the images I had of him in my mind went from blurry to crystal clear. This, along with all the other sprites, will make it much easier for me to visualize scenes in Wayfarers.

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