What are ya buyin'/sellin'?

I've been mostly updating on my twitter because I've been working on the same mundane task of making the majority of the items and didn't want to spam my devlog with "Working on item stuff" and "Yup...STILL working on item stuff". I've got about 150+ items written up so far and I haven't even started on the weapons and armor -_-. I didn't think I had to have all the items figured out in the beginning until I learned that you can't shift and move around items like you can in an excel spreadsheet in RPG Maker MV. That means if I want to have a decently organized list of items in my game, I need to have the items for the figured out and organized before putting them in the game. 

I've also been learning how to use Yanfly's Conditional Shop Prices plugin so I can make it so prices for items can change over time and also have specific items be more expensive/cheaper in different areas. I was originally on the fence about putting this in the game (mostly because it means more work for me) but took finding the plugin a sign to put it in. I mean it just makes sense to include a dynamic(?) economy in a game that involves a boy who wants to be a merchant. I'm also going to look into Himeworks's Shop Manager plugins to see if I can make shopping for stuff even more interesting.

Depending on how I feel this weekend, I might keep working on items or maybe even put it on hold so I can make more progress with the events in the game. OH one more thing, I think I figured out a way to make the vegetable picking minigame more random (if you've played my demo you'll know what I'm talking about).

Anyways that's it for now. Hope everyone is being safe and hanging in there.

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