Trimming the Fat on the Marketplace

I made a list of what kind of shops I'd want to exist in Wayfarers and researched how many I can actually make with either the default game engine or plugins. I have made 9 so far, which I thought was a pretty big number until I realized I made 19 vendors in the marketplace -_-. I made so many because I wanted to provide this "vast" marketplace feel like a farmer's market or bazaar but it appears I'm going to have to get rid of a good chunk of them so people don't end up having to guess between "is this an actual shop or just another NPC?" 

Back to the whole plugins talk. Definitely going to be using the Item Synthesis one that recommended (for more than one type of shop). I also have a few other shop/commerce ideas I want to explore with buying/selling items and currency exchange but need to do some more research on plugins. I found a few that MIGHT work but need to test them out. 

Next up will be the fun/hard part of fleshing out each of the shops...

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