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Last week everyone at my work was "strongly encouraged" to do overtime so I had a lot of adult things to catch up on over the weekend. This means I didn't have any time to work on my game at all. :(

However I feel like I should post SOMETHING on here so I figured I'll post a link to one of the music channels I listen to whenever I'm working on my game or writing:

Fun/Useless Fact: I'm the type of person where background music helps me focus as long as it isn't too involved. By that I mean doesn't have any lyrics or have any intense beats. Back when I was working customer support, answering emails all day for a game company, I used to listen to this which actually upped my productivity:

Overtime has once again been "strongly encouraged" this week but since I'm a little more prepared for it, I'll do my best to work on Wayfarers this weekend, even if it is just more writing based stuff.

Anyone got any interesting or unique music they like listening to when they're working/studying?

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