Shamefully Late Update: Character Designs and Fleshing Out Lily

Yikes is it Thursday already?! Sorry for the incredibly late update. Life decided to chain combo me with busy adult life stuff and I've barely had any time to do any personal me time things on the computer. My copy of Shenmue 3 that I got through their kickstarter arrived earlier this week and I still haven't even removed the packaging for it.  Enough of the ambiguous excuses though, let's talk about what I actually accomplished.

I worked on the design of another character in the game. I have to clarify that I say "design" very loosely because of my limited options in the built-in character generator for RPG Maker MV. I've found a few bundles here and there that have given me a few more options but I'm unable to make nearly as many facial expressions as I'd like to for the characters. My major concern for this is the more key characters I introduce into Wayfarers, the more recycled and repetitive some of their features will start to look. But that's something I'll have to worry about later.

Here are the two characters I have made since starting this project back up:


I prefer to be as vague as possible with story/character stuff because I want everything in the game to be a surprise. But since primarily what I've been working on is about Lily as a character and specifically stuff that will be happening in the story, I guess it wouldn't hurt to be a little bit specific on what else I've worked on since my last update.  When people were giving me feedback, a lot of them felt like Lily was the least interesting of the three characters I introduced. This bummed me out because of the roadmap I have planned for her. I guess because I was so focused on these big growth moments for her in the future, I haven't invested as much time in how she is presented in the beginning. I actually get pretty excited thinking about some of her growth and the things she'll be doing later on in the story but all of that exciting stuff is probably going to fall flat if I don't make her more appealing in the beginning. So I spent a lot of time over the weekend and part of this week to figure out how to make her more interesting in the beginning. This came in the form of really fleshing out her backstory, making her personality appear less bland, and polishing her goals and purpose in the story.

Well that's it for my very late update for the week. Sorry about that. Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to make up for last week.

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