Update: Adding a Battle System

I said I'd start working on Wayfarers again in November and it's already here. As I've been outlining the story, piecing together what assets to use, and taking note on some of the changes I want to make in the original demo, I have already run into a big decision. Although the title says it all, I guess it's only proper to formally announce what that change is: I'll be adding a battle system to Wayfarers.

Since my main reason for making the demo of Wayfarers  was to showcase my writing and storytelling abilities, I chose to not include a battle system, hence the reason why I categorized the game as a Visual Novel. I was able to make it work because the demo version was more of an introduction to the characters and world.  However, the original story I based the game off of actually has a good amount of fighting in it. Since I'd rather not make a game that relies on talking/choicing your way through some of the more physical confrontations I have in mind (not saying it can't be done, just that it's not the type of story I want to tell); I'm going to integrate a battle system into the actual game. 

For the time being, it's going to be a simple JRPG style turn based battle system. Ideally, I'd love to have detailed, custom made playable characters and attack animations as well as a slightly more complex actions (something along the lines of dual/team based attacks like Chrono Trigger). But due to the limit of my artistic abilities and time, I'll once again be mostly using assets that already came with the RPG Maker MV along with it's built-in character generator; at least as a placeholder in case of the off chance that I am able to accumulate enough funds to afford a good artist.

I really hope this doesn't come as some kind of disappointment to those that played my demo and enjoyed it strictly as a visual novel. If so, I'd like to assure everyone the battle system is going to be more of a supplement for the story itself. I'm still going to include dialogue options as well as choice based events throughout the game.

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I don't see it as a disappointment. Shoot, I've seen my share of visual novel/rpg games and it shouldn't harm the game at all. And with your story telling, I personally don't mind if you have to stick with rpg maker assets. Still, thank you for the update. =)