RPG Maker stuff at Humble Bundle! (MOAR ASSETS)

One of Humble Bundle's....bundles is a bunch of RPG Maker stuff (sale ends 14 days after this update has been published). Not only does it include a bunch of assets like sprites, character generator parts, music, and tile sets, but also programs like Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition to help me better customize characters. The bonus is that it also includes Visual Novel Maker which I've been curious about messing around with. I'm pretty excited about this because the more assets I have, the more options I feel like I have in what I can include in Wayfarers.

In the heat of the moment of spending things, I also saw a bundle for a bunch of Unity related stuff (sale ends in just a few hours after this update has been published). After finishing the demo for Wayfarers, I took a little online course to learn the basics of Unity. "Assets" is apparently the magic word for me because I also bought that one because it had assets like full 3D scenes as well as some tools to help with 3D animation. This one was only $15 so it didn't feel like too big of a purchase to make for the assets I was getting out of it. Maybe having these assets will push me even more to finish Wayfarers (at least a chapter/part 1 of it) quicker so I can play around with Unity. If I had the patience (or maybe even a studio full of workers at my disposal), I'd invest in making something Wayfarers related in the Unity engine. But for efficiency sake, at least for this project, I think I'll stick with RPG Maker MV.

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I think you do pretty good with the demo just using rpg maker.