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A simple endless runner that was inspired by an award winning movie I enjoyed watching. Jump and shoot projectiles to avoid or destroy enemies. Collect stones to buy abilities in the store. The longer you run, the faster you'll go.

When the lockdown was enacted, about 4 months ago, I decided to use that time to learn how to use the Unreal Engine. I thought the best way for me to learn was to first follow a tutorial on how to make a (relatively) simple endless runner type game. Instead of making a clone of the game from the tutorial, I thought it would be another great learning experience to learn how to make a more personalized game.

To make sure I wasn't stuck in a limbo of chasing perfection, I gave myself a deadline (end of June) and compiled a plan on what I kind of endless runner I could make in that time frame. I learned very quickly that scope was a very important thing to keep in mind when restricted to a finite amount of time; there were a lot of things I had to cut out from my original concept of the game. Regardless of this game being more of a prototype/proof of concept, I'm still very proud that we were able to complete our goal with a couple days to spare. Oh right, I wasn't the only one that worked on this game. My good friend Huy, an amazing concept designer/ illustrator, made the assets and designed the UI. 

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